If you are a professional working in agricultural financial management, you’ve probably read materials that have referred to the Farm Financial Standards Council. Perhaps you’ve downloaded a copy of the Financial Guidelines for Agriculture, or the Management Accounting Guidelines.

It is likely that you’ve heard presentations that mentioned the ‘Council’ and all the work it has done for the industry. Or you’ve read a blog by a Council member on Money Matters at the Farm Futures site.

Maybe you’ve wondered about who makes up the Council? How do they develop these documents and industry guidelines, and those ‘Sweet 16’ Financial Ratios? How could you participate with other professionals who study, develop and apply the standards?

Be a part of itYou can become involved with developing the Financial Guidelines for Agriculture. You can be a member of the team and work with the professionals who do the work of the Council and help shape the future of agricultural financial management!

Benefits of Membership

  • Participate in Council Committees.
  • Eligibility to stand for election to the Board of Directors and/or officer positions.
  • $25 discount off published registration rate for the Annual Conference.
  • Automatic updates on Financial Guidelines and Management Accounting Guidelines documents as they become available.

Dues Structure

Annual dues for being a member of the Farm Financial Standards Council are $100. Each membership ‘year’ will be July 1 – June 30, in conjunction with the fiscal year of the Council.

Annual Conference

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 2.13.48 PMThis once-a-year gathering provides a forum for the application of financial and management accounting standards and issues. Professionals from all over the country and from all disciplines participate in the program at this annual event, both as presenters and observers. 

The conference also provides an excellent environment for networking with others involved in agricultural financial management.

The Farm Financial Standards Council is a non-profit organization consisting of industry professionals representing agricultural producer groups and individual ranchers and farmers, banking, the Farm Credit System, accounting, insurance companies, financial advisors, agribusiness companies, academics and universities, private finance companies, university cooperative extension, and others involved with agricultural production and finance.

The Committees

Work as part of small or larger groups in writing the Guidelines and keeping the documents current with technology, changes in tax law, and financial management trends.

This committee is charged with promoting the activities of the Council and carrying its banner at industry expositions and conferences.

The Finance Committee works at securing individual and corporate financial support so the Council can continue its mission.

This committee recruits members to make sure there are always fresh thoughts and ideas flowing through the activities of the organization.

Membership Application

To join, fill out the following form. Once that’s complete, you can pay your annual dues online (although you can still mail us a check, if you prefer).

The Council is registered with the Division of Professional Regulation in Illinois as a sponsor of continuing professional education for public accountants.
(License number 158.002205)

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