Much of the work of the Farm Financial Standards Council is done by members of our four committees. Joining a committee is a great way to strengthen your relationships with fellow council members and to contribute to the future of the organization. We’d love to have you join us. Each committee has two co-chairs selected for one-year terms and no limit on the number of members who may participate in the committee.

If you are interested in joining one of our four committees, reach out to one of the committee co-chairs by clicking their name below.

Finance Committee

Our Role

The primary role of the Finance Committee is to assure the Council has funds necessary to function. You can see details of the Finance Committee’s role here.

Technical Committee

Our Role

The Technical Committee shall be responsible for the theoretical and practical soundness of material published by or on behalf of the Council.  You can see details of the Technical Committee’s role here.

Membership/Marketing Committee

Our Role

The role of the Membership/Marketing Committee is to promote the council, its mission, and its activities, including promotion of paid membership in the council. Membership and Marketing were previously handled by separate committees, but the council merged them because of overlap in their duties. You can see the details of the formerly separate committees’ roles here and here.

Our Co-Chairs

Catherine Ozment

Arianne Chaves

Sub-commitee Chairs

Julie Norton, Social Media 

Susan Hobeck, Annie’s Project