Order Now – Updated 2021 Guidelines Available!

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A new year means new revisions to the FFSC Financial Guidelines for Agriculture. Stay up to date by ordering the 2021 edition of our guidelines document.

The Financial Guidelines for Agricultural Production provides recommended standards for format and content of financial reports, recommended financial measures common to all sectors of agriculture, and example statements and measures.

You can order the guidelines here.

What’s new in 2021?

  • Formatting consistency (fonts, ToC, layouts, etc.) between Financial and Management Accounting documents. (Formatting updates are only relevant changes to MA documents so there is no need to order a new copy of that document. Basic information remains the same)
  • Changes to Appendixes A & B. The objective with this change was to separate deferred income taxes from estimated income taxes associated with gains on real estate appreciation (i.e., estate income taxes). This change allows for a higher level of detail in the market balance sheet. Deferred taxes impact net income while estimated income taxes do not. Accordingly, they are used in differing ways by users of the financial statements. By separating these two items on the market balance sheet, users can see the subtotal before and after including estimated income taxes, allowing for a more accurate reflection of financial position.


  • Changes to some of the numbers in Appendix A, mainly related to deferred income taxes, and these changes had a ripple effect for other calculations to other financial statements in Appendix A and to the financial ratios and measures computed in Appendix C.
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