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Is it REALLY Going to be 2020?

It seems almost impossible that the next calendar year will be 2020! Why, it was just a few short months ago when everyone was concerned about Y2K and what it was going to mean ot the world…computers were going to stop computing…airplanes were going to quit flying…the world was going to end because nothing was programmed to NOT INCLUDE 19 as the century on calendars and dates.

But somehow we have all made it through and in the blink of an eye we are into the second decade of this new century.

Welcome New Members….

We have one new member since the last directory was published, so to save you time looking him up, his information is shown below. Austin is also listed in the new directory which is being released at the same time as this Board Notes. These are members who have come on the Council Team since September. You might drop him a note or give a call if you have the time to do so.

White, Austin
777 East Main, Suite 201
Bozeman, MT 59715

 Farm Futures Ag Finance Boot Camp 2020

This will be held at the Coralville Marriott Hotel and Conference Center, Iowa City, IA on January 22. It directly precedes the Business Summit which will be held the two days after. Our own Paul Neiffer and Curt Covington will be carrying the brunt of the day-long event and if you’ve not been to a Boot Camp before, I encourage you to attend the January edition. Here are some links to go to for the program, agenda and registration information. Note that if you register before the END OF NOVEMBER you can save on your registration fees.

Find out more here.

Get the schedule/agenda here.

Register here.

New Guidelines Out January 1

The Technical Committee has announced that it will have revisions made to the Financial Guidelines document and will be releasing a revised edition as of January 1. As a member of the Council you will automatically be sent a pdf of the new document when it is released. There will also be a shorter document outlining what is changed and that will accompany the new Guidelines.

Are We Missing Your Picture?

Being sent to all members at the same time as this Board Notes is the latest membership directory. Please look through it and see if you have any colleagues near where you are. You should notice that the breadth of the Council is expanding as we grow more diverse in the geographic area we cover.

But are we missing your photo in the roster? It’s always nice to put a picture along side a name, especially in a group as intimate as we are in size. If we don’t have a photo of you, please send me a jpg or other photo so we can add it to the next directory, which will likely come out after the first of the year. Please, though…make it a high-rez shot of at least 200 dpi so we have something to work with that will show you as the good looking person that you are!! Please….NO 72 dpi screen captures downloaded from a web site!!

Congratulations to Council President Keith Raynor and his organization

TRP CPAs, PLLC is joining forces with McFadyen & Sumner, CPAs PA by combining the two firms into one. They chose to combine the firms to create a truly next-generation accounting firm. The new firm name will be TRP Sumner, PLLC once the merger becomes effective on January 1, 2020 and will make them one of the 500 largest CPA firms in the nation.

Add Cowboy Boots to your Christmas List…

Start planning now to come to the 2020 FFSC Annual Conference which will be held July 26- 31 in Amarillo, Texas!

That wraps it up for now. Happy Thanksgiving.

Carroll Merry
Administrator, FFSC

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